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POM Wonderful

Pomegranate & Cloudy Apple

I was already a fan of POM Wonderful Pomegranate Juice, so was delighted to be offered the opportunity to review* the new flavour: Pomegranate & Cloudy Apple!

POM Pomwonderful Pomegranate and Cloudy Apple Juice | Review

I usually try to make sure my reviews are not too ‘gushing’ and if there are points for improvement, I mention them.  In this case, I really can’t find anything I’d like to change about the product – other than perhaps I’d like a bottomless bottle! 😉

Pomegranate juice has a particular taste that perhaps doesn’t appeal to everyone.  It manages to be at once crisp while also being deliciously sweet.  It’s this combination that gives it its great thirst-quenching taste.

Additionally, pomegranates are full of goodness and POM Wonderful juices are made from 100% fruit concentrates with no added sugar.

You can see in the photo above that the cloudiness from the cloudy apple juice added to this new variety comes through in the blended juice.  The cloudy apple juice adds an extra flavour dimension / more depth to the juice.

POM Wonderful really is wonderful; crisp, sweet, thirst-quenching.  I can’t say anything further about it.

This new Pomegranate & Cloudy Apple flavour is currently available from Tesco, RSP 3.56 for 710ml bottle.

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*I have received this product free of charge with a request to review it on my blog.  This is an honest product review and reflects my opinion (and those of my family members, who have also sampled the products).  I did not receive any payment in exchange for the review.  If you would like me to review a product (or recipe) for you, please e-mail me in the first instance.  Thank you.


Wonderful Pistachios | Wonderful Almonds | Review

Product Review

Wonderful Pistachios | Wonderful Almonds

I have received these products free of charge with a request to review them on my blog.  This is an honest product review and reflects my opinion (and those of my family members, who have also sampled the products).  I did not receive any payment in exchange for the review.

Wonderful Pistachios | Wonderful Almonds

It felt like Christmas this morning when, having accepted the request to review ‘Wonderful Pistachios’ and ‘Wonderful Almonds’ a few days ago, a packet arrived in the post with a selection of packs of these delicious snacks.

I received three packs of Wonderful Pistachios: No Salt, Salt & Pepper and Sweet Chili.

We are very fond of pistachios in our house so my daughters and husband descended upon these goodies like gannets! I would like to say I showed more restraint, but I was so excited and keen to tuck in that I only just remembered to take photos of the packs first.

Wonderful Pistachios | ReviewI didn’t expect to like the ‘No Salt’ variety as I am a bit of a salt fiend, but these surprised me.  They were beautifully roasted, the delicious natural flavour of pistachio being allowed to shine.  No need for additional seasoning here.

The ‘Salt & Pepper’ variety was quite peppery.  I liked the flavour as I am fond of black pepper, but my youngest daughter found it a bit too strong – this didn’t stop her from devouring nearly half the packet in no time though! I did find that the pepper ran the risk of overpowering the natural pistachio flavour a little, but loved the fact that it was a different take on pistachios than the usual salted varieties you find in the shops.

The ‘Sweet Chili’ variety was the most surprising.  I wasn’t sure whether sweet chilli would work with pistachios.  Would the flavour completely mask the taste of the naturally delicate and sweet pistachio nut?  I didn’t think so, although my husband felt that the chilli did over-power the natural almond flavour a little.  He did, however, still enjoy them.  They were delicious.  On a very picky note…why ‘chili’ with just one ‘L’?

The packs I was sent were a good size at 150g – more than enough for four of us to graze on during the course of the day.

The ‘No Salt’ and ‘Salt & Pepper’ varieties are available in 150g, 250g and 500g packs.  The ‘Sweet Chili’ variety is available in 150g and 250g packs.

Additionally, Wonderful Pistachios are also available in ‘Roasted & Salted’ variety, but I did not receive these to sample.

Wonderful Pistachios are currently available in the UK at Waitrose, Ocado, Julian Graves, Holland & Barrett, Tesco and Sainsbury’s.  At £3.59 for a 250g bag (Ocado), I feel these are good value and priced at a comparable level to other pistachio products on the market.

I also received two packs of Wonderful Almonds, both in ‘Roasted Salted’ flavour.

Wonderful Almonds | ReviewThese came in 200g bags – a very generous amount as there are only so many Almonds I can eat in one sitting.

Information on Wonderful Almonds is more limited online and as far as I can ascertain, they are currently only available from Ocado (£3.25 for a 200g bag).  They are also shown on the brand website as being available in ‘Raw Natural’ and ‘Blanched’ varieties, though I haven’t sampled these.

I generally prefer Almonds in a sweet setting, e.g. honey-roast, so would probably not go out and buy these to snack on.  Having said that, they were very tasty.  The salt was well-balanced in order not to over-power the natural almond flavour.  The roasting was perfect and maintained the delicious sweetness of the almond inside.

If you are fond of Almonds, I would definitely recommend trying these as an alternative to sweet ones, especially if you are looking for a different nutty snack to offer for nibbles at a party, for example.

Overall, I enjoyed all the products I sampled in the ‘Wonderful Pistachios’ and ‘Wonderful Almonds’ ranges.  My personal preference is for the pistachios, particularly the ‘Sweet Chili’ variety.  Having only ever eaten salted pistachios previously and being a huge fan of pistachios anyway, it was great to discover different flavours that I wouldn’t have associated with pistachios before.  I will definitely be buying these again!