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Tuna & Cheese Melt in Wholewheat Pitta

Extremely quick lunch idea and much lower fat & calorie content than a traditional Tuna Melt, therefore you can enjoy this guilt-free as often as you like!! 🙂

Preparation Time: 5 mins
Cooking Time: 5 mins
Serves: 2
Under 300kcals per serving
One portion shown in this picture
  • 2 Wholemeal Pitta Breads
  • 1 tin John West No Drain Tuna Steaks in a little olive oil (you can use different tuna, e.g. in brine, but I personally particularly like this one as it is a happy middle ground between tuna drenched in olive oil and tuna in brine)
  • 15g mature English Cheddar Cheese, grated (you can use any cheese of your choice, of course)
  • 1 large spring onion (the salad variety that is beautifully over-sized…otherwise use 2-3 standard spring onions), finely chopped

Flake the tuna with a fork
Add the finely chopped spring onion and grated cheese
Slightly heat each pitta bread (don’t toast it to the point of browning…I find that a few seconds in the microwave works well here) so it inflates to allow you to slice it open
Using a sharp knife, slice into the pitta bread to open it up as a pocket
Insert half the tuna, cheese & spring onion mixture into each pitta pocket
Place into a pre-heated flat-surfaced non-stick toasted sandwich maker
Press down the top of the sandwich maker & cook until the pitta is nicely browned & crispy and the cheese has melted (you’re likely to hear it all sizzling beautifully and your kitchen will smell good enough to eat!)
Serve & eat…

…Gloriously Simple, Gloriously Good!

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Quick Tuna Salad | Low-Cal Tuna lunch | Tuna & Rocket Salad | Quick Lunch Ideas

Gloriously Simple Tuna Salad

Here’s one of my regular quick, filling & healthy lunches.

I’ll give you today’s quantities & ingredients, but it really is down to whatever you happen to have available on any given day.  The beauty of that is that you don’t get bored of it if you keep changing some of the ingredients.

Today’s makes enough for 2 generous portions or 1 super-greedy portion (i.e. for me, it’s one portion!).

Assuming 2 portions, it comes in at under 180kcals per portion!

Although it’s not strictly-speaking low-fat, it is low-cal and full of GOOD fat in the form of extra virgin olive oil. Remember to use a really good quality extra virgin olive oil here, as you’re not using a lot of it, so it’s essential to get the best & strongest taste.

For 2 portions, I’ve used: 
  • 40g rocket
  • 80g cucumber, diced
  • 120g (1-2, depending on size) tomatoes, diced
  • 1 large spring onion (the large salad onions…approx 50g chopped)
  • 2tsp extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 can John West No Drain Tuna in a little olive oil (you can use different brands of course, and it doesn’t have to be in olive oil if you prefer it in brine…I just like using this one as it’s a bit tastier and less dry, without having tons of calories)
  • salt & pepper (to taste)

Just throw all the ingredients into a large bowl, mix well and serve!

Gloriously Good, Gloriously Simple!

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