Review | Seasoned Pioneers Poudre de Colombo | Caribbean Coconut Fish Curry

Caribbean Coconut Fish Curry

Product Review: Seasoned Pioneers “Poudre de Colombo” spice mix

In recipe recommended on the pack: “Caribbean chicken curry”

I was sent 2 spices sachets by ‘Seasoned Pioneers‘ for review.  Although the sachets are quite pocket-sized, they’re jam-packed full of spices and even after I’d used the 4 teaspoons called for in the recipe, it hardly looked like the quantity had reduced.

Seasoned PIoneers Spices
The packs of spices I was sent for review by ‘Seasoned Pioneers’

I decided to try the Caribbean ‘Poudre de Colombo‘ tonight and followed the recipe on the back of the pack.

Caribbean Fish Coconut Curry with Poudre de Colombo
The recipe on the back of the pack

The recipe was very quick and easy to follow.  We used halibut, which kept its shape well.  The only change I would have made was to cut the fish into chunks so that it gets coated more in the sauce, rather than cooking it in whole steaks.  In any case, it was mouthwateringly delicious and I’ll definitely be cooking it again!

Caribbean Coconut Fish Curry

I can’t wait to try the Shawarma Spices!

I wish I could give a balanced review by finding some points for improvement, but I can’t.  I absolutely loved the spice blend and the recipe.  And at £2.50 per 35g pack I think they offer excellent value for money, too.

Well done Seasoned Pioneers!

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