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Review of Damn Delicious’s Aberdeen Angus Steak Pie

Medium (3-4 people) Aberdeen Angus Steak Pie

About a week ago, I received a fantastic food parcel from Damn Delicious! Yum!  So much amazing food to sample…we’re all big carnivores in our family, so I was particularly looking forward to doing these reviews*.

Damn Delicious | Food for Review | Aberdeen Angus | Pork

I was finally able to sample the Aberdeen Angus Steak Pie with my family on Friday evening.  The pie I was sent by Damn Delicious was the medium one (1lb) for 3-4 people.  You can see on the picture below that it’s a good-sized pie, with a generous layer of puff pastry and a deep Aberdeen Angus Steak filling.

Damn Delicious | Aberdeen Angus Steak Pie | Fresh from the Oven
The Aberdeen Angus Steak Pie, straight from the oven
Aberdeen Angus Steak Pie | Damn Delicious | Slice
  • LOTS of Aberdeen Angus Steak filling – this is a rich, deep, pie
  • A generous layer of flaky, light, puff pastry over the top of the pie, but no pastry underneath.  So: no soggy pastry and all the depth is meat!
  • Rich, delicious flavour, perfect seasoning and the steak was allowed to shine
  • About the right size for 4 people
  • Arrived by courier delivery, in insulated packaging with ice blocks and clear instructions that it could be frozen on the day of receipt
  • Simple packaging, minimal waste, contents of packaging clearly visible
  • No re-heating instructions on the packaging (I took a good guess at 180°C – fan assisted – for 20 mins, and it worked out fine, but it would be useful to have specific instructions on there)
  • The meat felt a little bit dry – I’d have liked a bit more gravy in the pie.  Having said that, the taste was delicious and no space was wasted with gravy.  The full depth of the pie was meat! Can’t argue with that 🙂

A delicious pie, packed full of scrumptious Aberdeen Angus Steak.  At £8.25 for the 3-4 person sized medium pie, it’s not something you’d have every day, but given the quality and quantity of meat it contained, it’s worth the cost as an occasional treat. The flavour was fantastic.  Despite the fact it could have done with a bit more gravy, I would definitely have it again.  An indulgent treat rather than an everyday pie.  Scrumptious!

*About my product reviews:

I was sent these samples for review.  I did not receive any financial reward for writing the review and all product reviews I write are my own, honest and unbiased opinions.  If you would like me to review your products, please contact me via Twitter, Facebook or E-mail.  If I accept to receive products for review, I will send you the postal address to send them to.


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