Sweet Cous-Cous | Cous-Cous with sugar & cinnamon | Moroccan dessert with Cous-Cous

I’ve just had a delicious breakfast with a difference…

I had some Cous-Cous left over from last night, so I remembered a delicious dessert I had while on holiday in Morocco on a guided tour, eating a traditional meal by a campfire in the desert with a nomadic group.  They served us cous-cous with sugar & cinnamon.  The traditional way to eat it was to pick it up in your hand & roll it to make it into almost a paste, then eat it, but I find that a spoon works equally well 😉

So, this is supposed to be a dessert, and a delicious one it is, at that, but why not have it as a tasty alternative breakfast?  Use as much (or little) sugar & cinnamon as suits your tastebuds.

Gloriously Good…whether served hot or cold!

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